Over the weekend we stumbled on this Beach Stereotypes Video from Dude Perfect. My whole family could not stop laughing (and calling each other out on which stereotype we fit!) Laughing at these guys was definitely a good way to bust our winter blues. Dreaming of our next time at the beach!!

Oh my word. It’s almost like they’ve been stalking our family beach vacations to get this material!

My husband falls into almost every single one of these categories. But if I had to pick a main one, it would be a tie between the business guy (and yes, he brings his laptop out on the beach AND works with 2 cell phones!) or the activity guy. And those stereotypes would be followed very closely by sunscreen guy and/or souvenir guy.

I can definitely relate with the overprotective mom! And the picture family.

My daughter and I both tend to be the bookshelf guy. And she’s also TOTALLY the guy who yells “shark.” Except in her case she honestly thinks that a tiny black speck she sees *might* be something. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of panic she’s caused several times!

In our personal family blog, I captioned this picture with: This girl “spotted” several sharks on our vacation. Notice how she’s cleared the water…and she’s heading in to hopefully pet one!

And then there’s Miller. He’s absolutely activity guy. Kid cannot sit still and is constantly begging us to play. He’s also been know to knock over a sandcastle or two while attempting to catch a ball/frisbee.

It’s hard to say no to this kid! Which makes for a very active vacation!

Too funny! Now I’m ready to go to the beach!!

Which of these beach stereotypes best describes you and your family members?

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