My husband and I are exact opposites in almost every way. Similarly, my children have completely different personalities from each other. And unfortunately, we all have fairly strong personalities. So as you can imagine, finding something
we all agree on is almost impossible. However, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is one (maybe the only) thing unanimously loved by all 4 of us!

As I recently sat down to plan our road trip, I searched for activities that would both highlight the area, and be enjoyable for our family. A search of the mid-Atlantic and Northeast (our travel route) provided endless options. There was literally an overwhelming amount of options. However, one specific stop in Vermont jumped out as being a “must-do” for our trip.

Anxiously awaiting our Factory Tour!

In fact, it was the very first activity I wrote on our itinerary. I knew- without a shadow of doubt- that a tour of the Ben & Jerry’s Factory in Waterbury, Vermont would be a place that our entire family would enjoy.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream originally started in a gas station in Burlington, Vermont. Today you’ll find the brand in stores across the country (and even the world!) Although we’ve always been big fans of the brand, we gained a deeper appreciation during our tour!

The Top 10 flavor wall.

On the tour you will watch a very informative and entertaining video; view the production floor and learn the steps to making delicious ice cream; and finally, you are treated to a true taste testing experience.

This girl LOVED everything about our visit- but especially the ice cream eating portion!

In addition to the actual tour, guests will enjoy wandering the grounds. Ben & Jerry’s has a wonderful collection of memorabilia and fun facts. Up the hill you will find a really nice playground and Flavor Graveyard. We really enjoyed looking at the retired flavors! There is also a fantastic gift shop and- of course- a full menu ice cream counter.

Paying our respects at The Flavor Graveyard (the kids are doing their best to look sad in the top picture- but it was hard after all the sugar they’d just consumed!) I can’t believe that “Fresh Georgia Peach” didn’t last forever.

Whether you’re just passing through Vermont or you’re specifically planning a visit, the Ben & Jerry’s Factory is a destination you don’t want to miss! To find out more about the tour and to plan your trip- visit their website.

*Ben & Jerry’s hosted Mom With A Map during our visit.**

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