Today is May 1st and that means my head is already at the beach. I am a total, beach-loving girl! With so much giddiness and joy I marked off the whole week on our master kitchen chalkboard calendar last night. We’ve had our trip booked for months, but to see it up there for THIS MONTH is so exciting! I cannot wait to have my toes in the sand.

Naturally, I’m going to gravitate to anything beachy this month (so brace yourself!) I pretty much consider myself an expert, but still I love to read other people’s opinions. When I found this article about the 46 Best Coastal Beach Towns In America I had to check it out to see how many we’ve visited- and if my favorites made the list!

It took me a little bit to realize the list was in alphabetical order and not done by a ranking system (this East Coast girl was a tiny bit offended at all the California beaches…until I came to Connecticut and sensed a pattern!)

Sunrise walk along our favorite coastline on Hilton Head Island.

We’ve only been to 9 of the beaches mentioned- which means, we need to add a ton to our list! However, our favorite town did make the list- Hilton Head Island. To view the full list, follow this link. 

What is your favorite beach, and why?

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