Donuts. Quite possibly one of my very favorite topics.

When I was growing up we had a Sunday tradition of getting breakfast after church. Each week a different member of our family got to select the breakfast spot. Without fail, when it was my turn to pick I choose donuts. Every single time. For years.

Part of what I loved about donuts (besides the taste, of course) was the selection process. I enjoyed the pretty colors and vast array of options. And, oh, the sprinkles!! Since no one in our family cared quite as much as I did, I usually got the opportunity to pick most of the donuts for our box of a dozen. Despite the fact that I got to do this about once a month, I always took forever to make my careful selections from the beautiful case.

Fastforward to the present, and the dilemma is  tenfold because of the “new” way of doing donuts. Many shops now allow you to customize your selection by making each donut to order. While I am a HUGE fan, I also get a tad overwhelmed with the options. My favorite way to do donuts is to order several and then eat a bite or two from each. My husband is happy to oblige my crazy indecisiveness when it comes to donuts!

The very sad news in this story is that my daughter, who is like me in so many ways, hates donuts. She says they’re too sweet. It’s statements like that where I have to wonder how we can possibly be related! But, never-the-less, she’s put a huge damper on our regular donut shop visits.

However, when we travel, all bets are off. We occasionally splurge and make 2 breakfasts stops. One for a fruit and yogurt parfait (for crazy girl) and then a second stop for donuts for the rest of us. We love to discover new donut shops and try to find the best! In fact, I’m shocked I wasn’t consulted on a new list published by Delish called “The Best Donut Shops In Every State.”

Personally I was disappointed in a few of their selections- namely the fact that a franchise (Duck Donuts) was selected as the best shop in North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina! I can personally vouch for the deliciousness, but I really feel like they should have only used the original location- in Duck, NC, for the list!

Nevertheless, I’m in the process of adding a lot of these donut shops to our travel bucket list! Read the full list here. Which one is your favorite?

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