For my husband, there is no greater luxury when we travel than squeezing in a round of golf. It’s definitely his activity of choice on any vacation!

If I’m being completely honest, I can admit that I haven’t always been overly supportive of this pastime. 4+ hours on the golf course means 4+ hours that I’m on my own exploring with my kids. As they are getting older, though, this is becoming increasingly manageable. In some of our more recent travel, Brent has been able to sneak away and squeeze in 18-holes.


Playing golf while traveling is a great way to see new places, and it’s even a great excuse to travel to certain locations. We have booked a couple of trips specifically for the golf opportunity (for Brent.)

On occasion, we’ve attempted to play golf as a family. It’s never gone very well…


Bringing kids on the golf course is DEFINITELY a game changer!


As they get older we will look forward to golf being more of a family activity! Actually, I take that back. will look forward to golf being more of a family activity. I am certain my husband is content to have that time to himself!

One golf place we’ve fallen in love with as a family is Topgolf. It’s amazing! Currently there are several locations open, with LOTS more opening soon. Topgolf is a driving range, restaurant and bar all combined into one. Our kids are happy to play, watch everyone else and eat! It’s a great way to have a family golf experience without the stress of being out on a course for hours.


Golf Digest produces a phenomenal list each year of the top courses in America. Also included, a list of the best courses in each state! Read full article here.

What are your favorite golf courses that you’ve played while traveling?

Incidentally, Brent’s favorite courses that he’s played to date: Kapalua Bay Course in Maui, HI; Dural in Miami, FL; and TPC Sawgrass in Jacksonville, FL.

**Update: Brent got the chance to play in Ireland in March 2017 and I think that might top them all!**

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