A few years ago we had the privilege of traveling to Disney at Christmas-time. While the trip wasn’t without a few hiccups (My Biggest Fear), being at Disney with all of the Christmas decorations was magical.


 There is nothing like walking down Main Street with garland, bows and lights everywhere. The castle is gorgeous and the parades are all extra special. Disney pulls out all the stops and makes the holiday memorable!

While I freely admit, there isn’t a time of year that I don’t love Disney- Christmas is probably my favorite.

A few tips for planning a Disney Christmas Trip:

  1. Christmas decorations are up from early November through a few days into the new year.
  2. Crowds are generally at very high levels during the week of Thanksgiving, and then the 2 weeks surrounding Christmas (the dates when kids are on break from school.) Crowds are VERY light in early December. If you are looking to avoid long lines, early December is one of the best times to visit the parks.

    We have the park to ourself!

  3. Likewise, the Disney hotels are at some of their lowest rates of the year during early December, but they go up considerably as the month goes on.
  4. December weather in Florida is extremely volatile. The average December temperature is 70 degrees, however that’s just an average. For your trip it could be in the 50’s or the 80’s. Obviously check the weather outlook before you pack, and plan on bringing layers.
  5. A few of the special Christmas events require extra tickets that need to be purchased in advance (for example, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.) Be sure to check your travel dates with the events calendar!
  6. Disney will extend their park hours during the holidays. Most people will still arrive early, but not all will stay late. If you can’t handle 15+ hours in the park, consider leaving mid-afternoon and returning for the evening. Great things happen at Disney at night, including the fireworks show, and lines will be much shorter.

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