I don’t bake. I wish I could. But inevitably whenever I try, something always ALWAYS goes wrong.

So I have a major dilemma. I’ve been invited to a mother/daughter cookie exchange for the second year in a row. Last year I made the 1 Christmas cookie recipe that I make successfully. I was so proud of my beautiful tray of cookies…


But no one wanted them. I returned home with a nearly full tray. My daughter informed me that they weren’t “kid friendly looking cookies.”

This year I’m desperate to make a cookie that Mary Grace can be proud to take. But, let’s be honest, I know my limits!

I’ve been searching Pinterest for the perfect cookie and so far my two favorite contenders are: The Hot Chocolate Cookie Cup


Or The Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookie


Be sure to follow Mom With A Map on Pinterest to see other cookie recipes I’ve been looking at making.

And PLEASE, if you have a better recipe (and by better I mean- just as cute, but easier to make!) post recipe or link in comments section!

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