When I plan travel, our activities are usually broken up into several categories.

Sometimes the activities I plan are more for the kids, and other times more for the adults. We try to do a mixture of fun, educational, historical, and unique experiences. I’m honestly not sure if we’ve ever been anywhere that is a true mixture of all of the above. However, The College Football Hall of Fame is just that!


 Although it’s relatively new to the Downtown Atlanta scene (it opened in August 2014), The College Football Hall of Fame is quickly becoming a ‘can’t miss’ destination in the Southeast!

Our family wasn’t in the doors 5 minutes, and it was VERY easy to see why the place is so popular. From the friendly staff, to the colorful display of football helmets, to the football practice field, there is an overwhelming energy in the building from the moment you walk in.


Before you get started, everyone must check-in and activate their pass. You will enter your favorite college football team, along with some other information. As you complete the check-in process your team helmet will begin to blink with a blue light. The light will stay illuminated throughout the day to let everyone know which fans are in the building that day. It was amazing to see how many different lights were on!

On the second level, you are greeted by a wall of screens. As you approach the wall the various panels will change to images from your favorite school. At any point throughout your visit you can change your favorite school, though we never did (why would we? We LOVE the Vols!)


The Chick-fil-A cow also appeared and held up signs of welcome with our name and school mascot.


Everything at The College Football Hall of Fame is interactive and hands-on. I had initially been worried that my children would need to do a lot of “looking, but no touching.” In fact, I had coached them on that ahead of time so they were a bit skeptical when our guide encouraged them to jump right in and play. It didn’t take long for them to warm up though!


The Agility Challenge

Learning The Plays


 Fan Face Painting

Calling The Game DSC_2519

One, of the many, highlights of The College Football Hall of Fame is the video. ‘The Game of Your Life’ is an incredible tribute to college football. It will inspire you and give you chills. All 4 of us were ready to take the field as we exited the theater.


Another highlight was the College Game Day broadcast. We were all able to take turns sitting at the desk and virtually joining the show. After filming the minute-long clip, you can watch a playback. The video is also saved to your fan pass and you can access it from home.


Our 8-year old *might* have found her new calling. She was totally comfortable in front of the camera and did a surprisingly great job reading from the teleprompter.



The Hall of Fame has an awesome area sponsored by Under Armor that pays tribute to the equipment and uniform evolution.




After playing on the second level for quite a while, we headed upstairs to view the gallery of inducted players and coaches. All of the names are listed on panels along the walls, but the inner area contains giant interactive screens. You can search players, or view them by school. As you click on each player you are presented with a great collection pictures and facts.

You can also read about the criteria involved in the selection process for the players and coaches.

We ended our tour- the first time- on the ground level in the Chick-fil-A Skill Zone.



We probably spent about an hour “perfecting” our skills (it was slightly addictive!), and then sat down to have a little snack. There is a Chick-fil-A walk up window in the Skills Area. While we were sitting there our children began begging to go back upstairs. They desperately wanted to re-do our whole experience. Although I thought we’d be on our way after our snack, I was happy to go play some more!


The College Football Hall of Fame is an incredible addition to Atlanta! To find out more and schedule your visit, go to their website.

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