One of the things we love most about traveling with kids is the opportunity to show them a world much different than the one we have behind our front door.  As much as possible we introduce them to new food, culture and experiences. But, every once in a while, we just need to feel like we’re at home while we’re on the road.

And on those days, we head straight to Cracker Barrel.

For as long as I can remember, Cracker Barrel has been our family’s go-to stop if we’re looking for good food, friendly service and a place where my kids can unwind from a day on the road.

With 653 stores in 45 states, there’s a good chance we can find one when we need it!

Although there are countless reasons we love Cracker Barrel, here are a few that come to mind first:

  1. Quick: Unless the restaurant has a wait to be seated, we always marvel at the ability to eat quickly and get back on the road. The restaurants are well staffed, and the food comes out quickly. It’s definitely the fastest non-fast food meal you can get when traveling!
  2. Clean: As a mom, there’s probably not a higher priority when traveling with kids than a clean place to stop.   From the parking lot, to the bathrooms- the employees take great care of the locations!
  3. Choices: If I had to pick one thing to complain about, it’s that Cracker Barrel has TOO many delicious options to pick from on the menu! Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast, a light lunch or a hearty dinner- you won’t leave disappointed.
  4. Shopping: I dare you to walk through one of their stores and NOT spot something you want to buy! Their selection of items is always cute (especially holiday items!) and the cost is super reasonable!
  5. Price: Speaking of cost, everything on the menu is reasonable too. We particularly appreciate the kids menu items as we can comfortably feed our family of 4 without breaking the bank!
  6. Service: We LOVE the servers at Cracker Barrel! We’ve never had a bad experience- they are always so friendly to our children and you can tell they genuinely love their job. (Next time you’re there, ask your servers about the stars on their aprons!)
  7. Games: I saved the best reason for last. Cracker Barrel has entertainment for families. And not video games or televisions…but “old fashion” games like checkers and Peg Board. After our food is eaten, my kids always beg to stay a little longer so they can finish their games.

No matter what your priorities are when you’re traveling, I am confident you’ll be pleased with your experience at Cracker Barrel! To find out more about their company, menu or a location along your route, visit their website.

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