I LOVE testing out any new travel product.

But it’s even more fun when the product is something the whole family is excited to play with. As soon as our Dash Cam arrived in the mail, the whole family was ready for a road trip so we could test it out.

At the risk of totally embarrassing myself, I will share that when I went to install it in my car I did it completely wrong.

I actually had the camera facing into the car. My husband caught the error (thankfully) and couldn’t believe that’s how I thought the iWitness worked. Apparently I keep up with the Kardashians a little too closely. Their cameras point in! But fortunately for all of you, Brent schooled me on the basics of installation direction. And, it’s even better than I expected!

In addition to aiming the camera OUT, another quick tip is to store the manual in your car. At least for the first uses. Although we’d read the thing cover to cover and felt like it was very simple, we came across some operating questions. It was nice to be able to refer back to the owner’s manual (which, by the way, is laid out VERY simply!)

In a nutshell, you’ll want to charge your camera after purchasing.

Then you will want to work your way through the manual and preset most of the options. For example. you can set the date and then choose whether you want it to appear in your frame. You can also set some way more advanced options like the saturation of the picture. I left everything neutral to start, but I will look forward to playing with the options on future road trips.

Gorgeous view on the way to the beach!

After you’ve clicked your way through all the different options, you’re pretty much ready to begin shooting. I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that unless you lock a frame, your Dash Cam will continue to film over everything. We did our best to anticipate the things we’d want to save; however, there were a few times when we attempted to save a spontaneous moment.

I love the fact that you can take still pictures and video footage. My one regret is that you can’t do both simultaneously. However, it’s very easy (as the passenger) to toggle back and forth between the two. And, if you’re an experienced enough editor you can always create stills from the video.

On our inaugural road trip, we recorded several scenic parts of the drive and a gorgeous sunset! As we expand our dash cam’s travel and learn more about all the features, I’m excited to see what other memories we capture!

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