One question I’m often asked is: “Why have you chosen to take the exact same vacation 3 times?” I know, it may seem a bit crazy. Especially since we are attempting to take our children to all 50 states before they turn 18- and the clock is ticking!


Yesterday I began the first part of this post (here), where you can read 5 reasons why we’ve chosen to go on a Disney Cruise 3 times in the last 5 years.

Here are 5 more reasons:

  1. No Planning Involved: When I vacation I have a need to know what we’re doing at all times long before we actually do them. I’m a planner, and a little Type A and easily the least spontaneous person on the planet. When we are on vacation, I start worrying about dinner- what we’re having and what time we’re having it- before we’ve finished breakfast.

    I realize this is super annoying, especially for my very laid back husband, but I honestly can’t help myself. I really stress out when there isn’t a plan.

    The beauty of the Disney Cruise- everything that needs to be planned out is done months before (like dinner time!) And everything happening on the boat is neatly presented on a spreadsheet. I am able to look at the sheet and know what is going on 24/7. I can plan. There is zero stress over what we need to do and what we might be missing.                                                                             DisneyCruise30

  2. Age Doesn’t Matter: On our first Disney Cruise we took a 3-year old. She loved the slides, the pool and the splash pad (Nemo’s Reef.) She loved Kids’ Club, the characters and the shows.                                                                DisneyCruise1                    DisneyCruise22

    On our second Disney Cruise we took a 5-year old who pretty much loved everything she’d done as a 3-year old. That year she was tall enough to ride the Aquaduck, the big water coaster on the Disney Dream. We also took a 10-month old with us! Going into it, I wasn’t sure I’d have anything specifically positive to say about taking a baby on a boat, but I was proved completely wrong. Despite being terrified of Mickey, he really loved everything else. I appreciated having the nursery where we could let him nap and go to bed at night while the rest of the family kept on having fun. I was blown away when we got off the boat on Castaway Cay and I was given (I did not have to RENT!) an awesome all-terrain stroller to use on the island.                         DisneyCruise28          DisneyCruise27

    On our most recent Disney Cruise we had a 3-year old and an 8-year old and it just keep getting better! There are so many things I look forward to doing as our kids get older. I’ve watched other kids play this scavenger hunt game all over the boat using interactive pictures on the walls. It looks so cool. I’ve also heard there is a fabulous teenage hangout place (which I’ve never personally visited.) My kids have also sold their grandparents on this vacation and I’m pretty sure they’ll be tagging along on our next one. I’m looking forward to watching them enjoy the vacation just as much, if not more, than my kids! The Disney Cruise truly appeals and caters to family members of all ages.                                                                          DisneyCruise29

  3. Never Rarely Say No: When you go on a Disney Cruise, with some small exceptions, everything is included. The room service, the ice cream, the lemonade, the parties, the fun. There is so much you DON’T pay extra for, that you get to say “yes” to your kids a lot. That is, if you aren’t concerned about the massive amounts of sugar they consume for days on end.                                    Disneycruise24
  4. Adult Only Space: I can’t think of that many places that are geared towards both kids and adults. Sure, there are places for kids that adults can sort of enjoy. Or vice versa. But not 100% for both. And then there is the Disney Cruise ship. 

    All of the main areas of the ship are clearly geared towards kids, but everyone who is a kid at heart will love all the slides and characters and amazing activities. You can’t help but love the creativity and detail. One would expect nothing less from Disney.DisneyCruise18

    But then there are the adult only areas. There are gorgeous restaurants, fabulous bars, a spa, lounges, and nightclubs. There is a very nice pool with both sun and shade. On Castaway Cay there is a whole adult only beach. Pretty much nothing not to love about the design of this vacation!

  5. Holidays Are Extra Special: Quite by accident we have found ourselves on a Disney Cruise during 2 different holiday seasons. I say it was by accident because we didn’t specifically set out to travel FOR the holiday, it just happened to work into our schedule. When we booked a trip for the week before Christmas, I admit, I figured there would be a Christmas tree or something semi-festive on board. However, I was completely blown away at the elaborate decorations and special activities. All of the characters had Christmas clothes; every inch of the boat was decorated and even Castaway Cay had a massive Christmas tree with “snow” falling (bubbles.) Our kids were able to make a ginger bread house and visit Santa. Disney far surpassed my expectations with our Christmas-season cruise. DisneyCruise2        DisneyCruise19

    We booked our most recent cruise for late September and I was honestly shocked when we got a memo letting us know that the ship would be celebrating Halloween. It was such a great surprise! My kids got to dress up in costumes and Trick-or Treat on the boat. The characters also had costumes and we got to have a big dance party with them.                                                            DisneyCruise20                                      DisneyCruise21

    Regardless of the holiday or season, Disney does it well. Like really well. 

So now who’s ready to take a Disney Cruise?

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