Reasons Your Family Needs To Visit DollywoodA few weeks ago our family had the opportunity to visit Dollywood Theme Park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Less than an hour into our visit, I decided I would buy a season pass if we lived closer. It’s the kind of place you could visit over and over without it getting old.

Dollywood combines the feel of a quaint mountain town, with thrilling rides and captivating shows. Between the shows, shopping and food, I could easily spend a whole day there without going on a single ride (not that my kids wanted to try!)

Here are 5 things to be sure not to miss at Dollywood:

  1.  Measuring Station: As with all other theme parks, most of the rides at Dollywood have height restrictions. Just inside the gate kids can get measured and tagged with a color coded bracelet. This will prevent employees from measuring your children at every attraction and allow you to plan height appropriate rides."<yoastmark
  2. Eagles: Dollywood boasts the largest collection of non-releasable bald eagles in the country. Their 30,000 square foot home delights guests with close encounters with the beautiful bird. Through demonstrations, staff members, and signs, you can learn all about the bird that is our country’s mascot.

    Education at the bald eagle's mountainside sanctuary

    Education at the bald eagle’s mountainside sanctuary

  3. Southern Food: It is worth going to Dollywood for the food alone. EVERYTHING we tried during our visit tasted amazing. There is no shortage of southern staples and dessert in the park. We highly recommend eating at least one meal at a sit-down restaurant.

    BBQ Nachos at Backstage Resturant

    BBQ Nachos at Backstage Restaurant

  4. Roller Coasters: Dolllywood’s roller coasters are known throughout the country for being some of the most unique and exciting. Although the biggest roller coasters have height restrictions, several of them were designed for smaller children (42 inches and taller.) Another fantastic feature of the theme park- many of the big roller coasters have playgrounds nearby for smaller family members to enjoy while others in their party ride.
    Roller coaster fun for the whole family!

    Roller coaster fun for the whole family!

    Perfect playground placement close to the big roller coasters.

    Perfect playground placement close to the big roller coasters.

  5. Shopping: Again, like the food, you could come to Dollywood JUST to shop. The Dollywood stores contain a variety of touristy, local and trendy items. Truly you can find something for everyone. Also, be sure to take advantage of their awesome (and complimentary) package pick-up offer. Rather than carry your purchases around the park, have them sent directly to the front entrance for easy pick-up on your way out!
Great shopping at Dollywood!

Great shopping at Dollywood!

There are so many great things to do and see at Dollywood!

Be sure to check out Part 2: 5 MORE Reasons Your Family Needs To Visit Dollywood.

*Mom With A Map was hosted by Dollywood for this experience. The content found in this post are uniquely our own.*

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