You’re going on vacation. Would you rather drive or fly?

Some trips need no debate. Heading cross country? Obviously fly. Need to cross oceans? Fly. On the flip side, short day trips? Drive. But what about the in between trips? Let’s say the trips that are roughly between 4-8 hours by car?

From my very professional, highly technical research I’ve found that 50% of people would rather fly to a destination and 50% would rather drive. (I’m totally kidding- My husband and I are the only people included in the study!) 

While I will admit there are pros and cons for both, given the choice I would much rather drive (within reason.) This most likely goes along with my slightly controlling, Type A personality. For me, the benefit of driving comes from being able to be in charge of my own schedule. I like to be free to go when I want to go, and stop when I want to stop. Driving allows you the freedom to eat whatever and whenever you want. I can also take as much luggage as my husband will allow, and I don’t have to worry about weighing them (although, Brent would LOVE to institute a suitcase weight rule for road trips) For the most part we’ve also found that driving tends to be cheaper for a family of 4 (+dog!)


Of course, there are also many positive things that can be said for flying. In most cases you get where you’re going faster. It forces you to be more organized with everything you pack, eliminating unnecessary items. Traveling by plane allows all the adults to relax and use the travel time to get things done…like read a book, work, or even nap (who am I kidding; these are things my husband does while traveling by plane. I’m too busy parenting to do any of those things!)


 What is your favorite way to travel?

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