As you might have heard, there’s a “once in a lifetime” solar eclipse happening in just a few weeks. (If you didn’t know- read this post to catch up.) What you may not have heard is that you’ll need viewing glasses.

I’ll be honest, when my husband first mentioned glasses I thought it sounded really gimmicky. I mean, I hadn’t heard of it…so it couldn’t be true. (Anyone else think like that?!?) And then I did a little research and realized I was wrong. Apparently, you DO need them.

I won’t even pretend to be a scientist and tell you why, but this info comes straight off the NASA website:

“Looking directly at the sun is unsafe except during the brief total phase of a solar eclipse (“totality”), when the moon entirely blocks the sun’s bright face, which will happen only within the narrow path of totality. The only safe way to look directly at the uneclipsed or partially eclipsed sun is through special-purpose solar filters, such as “eclipse glasses” or hand-held solar viewers. Homemade filters or ordinary sunglasses, even very dark ones, are not safe for looking at the sun.”

NASA also goes on to recommend that no matter what method you’re using to view eclipse (even viewing glasses), you need to take breaks. You will cause damage to your eyes if you do not occasionally look away from the sun.

Getting comfortable with our viewing glasses before the big day!

With the big event mere weeks away, you’ll want to order your viewing glasses ASAP.

Here are two recommended options:

 These are made out of sturdy cardboard. I personally think these will work best for anyone over the age 6:

  5 Pack for $12.49

If you have younger children, I recommend these plastic ones. Although a bit more expensive, they should be more comfortable for younger children to keep their eyes covered. They could also be used with a strap to insure safety:

3 pack for $14.88

Click on the links to purchase your viewing glasses today.

What else are you doing to prepare for the Solar Eclipse?

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