Clearly, I love travel. In fact, I thrive on planning trips for my family. However, now that the kids are back in school most of our vacations revolve around school breaks and long-weekends. In the spirit of trying to travel without actually taking a ton of time away from school, I put together a fall “staycation” list.

My kids are pretty serious about the whole concept of a bucket list. You might remember my post about our summer bucket list.¬†Of the 50 activities on the list, I selected 42 items for our family summer bucket list. Why 42? Well, that’s how many clothes pin clips I could fit around my bucket. Guess how many activities we crossed off the list? 41.

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41 awesome activities our family completed this summer.

And guess which one my children can’t stop talking about? Yes, that’s right. The ONE activity we didn’t do.

The Best Fall Bucket List

So, I learned my lesson. In the future, my bucket lists will be scaled down significantly. Therefore, I present our fall bucket list, complete with 10 awesome, fun activities…

  1. Go apple picking (or apple pickin’ as we say down here in the South)
  2. Go on a fall foliage drive (see my Best Places to View Fall Foliage post)
  3. Visit a corn maze…and find our way out without cheating
  4. Take a hayride
  5. Picnic somewhere new (in our case, I have my eyes on a semi-local winery that allows you to bring your own food.)
  6. Visit a local museum on a cold/rainy fall day
  7. Go to a fall festival
  8. Pick pumpkins out of a patch
  9. Take a short hike to a waterfall
  10. Spend an entire day watching football and eating tailgate food (I had to include this one in order for my husband to buy into the other 9!)
A favorite fall activity- the pumpkin patch!

A favorite fall activity- the pumpkin patch!

Since I scaled back my list to 10, I am treating these items like travel that I would actually plan. The activities are tentatively marked on my calendar with the hopes of completing all of them before Thanksgiving. Additionally, I have planned a secret list of about 20 fall activities I hope to complete at home. I am not sharing this list with the kids because I know I’ll never hear the end of it if we fail to do ONE!

What activities are on your fall bucket list?

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