It’s official. The last week of my life *might* have ruined all future beach trips for me. We hit the jackpot weather-wise for our family beach trip. While unexpected, October is absolutely my new favorite month to go to the beach! (Although, I’m going to keep testing all the other months just to make sure my research is accurate- ha!)

Our October beach weather started out a little rocky. Actually, more than a little rocky. Our beach house on Hilton Head Island was in the direct path of Hurricane Matthew. There wasn’t much for us to do except watch the weather channel and pray the storm took a turn. When it became obvious that wasn’t going to happen, we did the next logical thing. We scrambled to find a new location for our trip.

After what felt like hundreds of phone calls and emails later, we secured a house on Grayton Beach on the Gulf. With such a chaotic start to our vacation, I had no idea it would turn into one of our best weather trips ever!

Thankfully the lack of preparation led to what can only be described as irratic packing. I ended up bringing a little of everything. And that was a good thing because that’s exactly what we needed! Our early mornings at the beach were chilly, our days warm, and the evenings perfect. I honestly couldn’t script better weather for the beach!

Chilly sunrise on the way to amazing daytime temperatures

Chilly sunrise on the beach…giving way to amazing daytime temperatures

Unlike beach trips we’ve taken during summer months, the sand stayed cool all day. We were able to walk through the deep sand without fear of burning our feet. We also walked along the shore anytime of day without overheating.

Miles of cool sand, even mid-day

Miles of cool sand, even mid-day

The only downside to our beautiful weather (if I HAD to pick a downside) is that we struggled to stay out of it. Each of us came home with a tad more sun than we typically do.  Going to the beach and not getting hot was a true treat!

While I know every beach, every week, every month, every year might be a little different. I’m doubtful that we’ll ever have another beach trip with as perfect a weather as we just experienced. However, I do think certain months can be more favorable. The locals I talked to at Grayton Beach all agreed that October is hands down the best month to be there.

What is your favorite month to go to the beach?

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