Recently our family spent a few days in Boston. Before I even sat down to research things to do there, I wrote “Fenway” at the top of my list. Perhaps one of the most iconic venues for baseball, I knew we needed to catch a game.

I can say in hindsight, our experience did not disappoint! Fenway is one of the most kid-friendly and incredible atmospheres that we’ve visited. Our children thoroughly enjoyed their time at the ball park (and the grown-ups were pretty happy too!)

My main tip for anyone considering visiting Fenway with your kids is: Do it! 

The experience is worth every penny. Our kids haven’t stopped talking about Fenway since the night we were there. We showed them the green monster on TV, but nothing compared to seeing it in person. Going to a Red Sox game in Boston should absolutely be on everyone’s bucket list!

Here are 5 more things to know before you visit with kids:

  1. Need/Want Ticket Options: Technically children 2 and under do not need a ticket. However, that also means they won’t have a seat. While this might work for an infant, I HIGHLY recommend having a ticket for any child old enough to sit unassisted. Although the seating is nice, it’s still standard ballpark space (in other words- not extremely roomy!) I guarantee, you will appreciate having the extra seat for your child.
  2. Bags: The technical rule for bags at Fenway is that they must be no larger than 16x16x8. Not having a tape measure on our trip, I really struggled to mentally grasp those detentions. In the end, it looked like rain so I chose to bring a backpack with our raincoats. It was a great decision- though it didn’t rain, I felt prepared! I was also able to carry in 1 sealed water bottle per person. Parents can opt to bring a stroller into the park, but it must be stored under your feet in your seats.
  3. Fan Services: You’ll definitely want to stop by the Fan Services desk at some point during the game. Anyone making their first visit to Fenway will receive a button to commemorate the occasion. Kids are also given little goodie bags with stickers, bracelets and even some infield dirt! You can also visit the Kid Nation Clubhouse for some fun family-friendly activities during the game.
  4. Restrooms: The ballpark is full of typical restrooms; however, I love the fact that they have a Family Restroom. This makes it super easy on parents who may not want to send their child into a restroom by themselves. These Family Restrooms also provide space for nursing moms.
  5. Food: Fenway has a reputation for having great food. And I can confirm that to be true. But one thing I would caution parents against is food shopping on the spot. Different foods are served in different locations around the ballpark. Unless you are just wanting a standard ballpark meal- hot dog, pretzel, etc. It is best to research food before you drag your kids all over Fenway. My husband had his heart set on a  few local fare items (Lobster Rolls and Fried Dough) and it was very easy to ask a security guard to point us in the right direction.

I can cross this off our bucket list…but that doesn’t mean we won’t be back!

Also worth noting- I felt extremely safe at Fenway- both in the park and outside.

There is not much parking in the immediate area. Our original plan was to walk there from our hotel and take an Uber home. I did not think I’d want to be walking the streets late at night after the game. However, it was such a nice night and we all felt completely safe so we ended up walking home too. Boston has a lot of public transportation so the subway would be a great option too.

Go to the Red Sox official website for more information and to plan your visit.

Baseball and cotton candy at Fenway- every little boy’s dream!

*Fenway Park hosted Mom With A Map for our visit. All of the opinions in this post are uniquely our own.*

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