Great resource for Finding A Church When You Travel

Tomorrow we celebrate Easter. I’m not sure I could sum it up better than with this video of my 4-year old, Miller, singing…


Since often spring break coincides with Easter, many people will be traveling over the holiday. Today is a great day to figure out where you will go to church tomorrow for Easter. Ethics Daily has an awesome post full of ideas and inspiration about Going To Church When You Travel. I love their suggestion of trying to visit a historical church for a once in a lifetime experience!

I have wonderful memories of many Easter church services I’ve attended- most of which were not at my own church because of travel. Hands down, my most memorable Easter church service was the year we watched the sunrise at Sea World. If you are in the Orlando area tomorrow (or any future Easter), I absolutely recommend checking this service out! Click here for more information.

Have you ever been to a memorable church service for Easter? If so, where were you?

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