So I was in the Emergency Room with my son…isn’t that a great way to start a post?!? Anyway, as the doctor was stitching him up AGAIN, the conversation turned to travel. (Of course it did!) We talked places we’d love to go and upcoming trips. Then the conversation shifted to our local airport and direct flights offered- and not offered.

My tough little boy- 5 more stitches to add to his collection!

The doctor asked if I ever used the app Flight Radar 24. Not only had I not used it, but I hadn’t even heard of it. Admittedly, I’m not the tech-guru in the family. However, I try to keep up with all things travel related.

After Miller was all stitched up, the doctor took a few minutes to show us the app (slow day in the ER!) The two nurses with us hadn’t seen the app either so we all gathered around his phone. As soon as the map appeared on the screen it was filled with hundreds of planes. We zoomed in on the location above the hospital and could see several planes that would have been visible if we were outside.

An example: the edge of California tracking a flight from LAX to HNL

Flight Radar 24 allows the user to see flights in the sky in real time. You can click on individual airplanes to see every piece of information about that particular flight. You can see the plane’s departure and arrival city, and the route it’s taking. Additionally, Flight Radar 24 gives you the coordinates and altitude from each plane.

In addition to just playing on the app for fun- because who doesn’t want to know about the planes you watch flying overhead- travelers can use Flight Radar 24 to track their own flight. If your plane gets delayed, you can easily type in the flight number and see where the plane is currently located. You can watch friends/family flights to more accurately know an arrival time. Also, you can check conditions, delay stats and traveler reviews for any airport. Yeah. It’s kind of amazing!

Easy to use features!

I downloaded the app in the hospital parking lot (priorities) and literally stood in the rain looking for flights overhead to track. One word of caution- Flight Radar 24 is completely addictive! Right now the whole family is enjoying watching flights all around the world. I’m looking forward to testing out the- more practical- uses soon as we travel!

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