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Today’s Favorite Travel Product: Chick-fil-A


I’ve said this before, but it’s worth saying again. Our family rarely eats fast food. Traveling is no exception. However, Chick-fil-A is the exception.


There is really nothing that we don’t love about Chick-fil-A! It’s a family favorite when we are on a road trip and looking for quality, delicious food. Sometimes we’re in a hurry and head right through the drive-thru, and other times we need a break from our travel. Every Chick-fil-A that we’ve ever been inside has been clean, and friendly.

Here is a list of 8 reasons why Chick-fil-A is one of our favorite travel stops:

  1. Closed On Sunday: Although it may sound weird that one of my favorite reasons to love them is that they are closed on Sunday, but it is. I love the company values. And even though we do travel on Sundays, I’m always happy to be reminded of why they are closed. It’s easy for us to support a company with such a strong commitment to faith and their employees.
  2. Employees/Service: I have never met more friendly employees. Anywhere. Ever. Chick-fil-A employees are true stewards of their establishment. They are polite and go the extra mile to make your dining experience easier. As a mom, there is nothing I appreciate more than a stranger going the extra mile to lend a hand when mine are full.
  3. Placemats: It’s such a small thing, but I LOVE the stick on plastic placemats for kids. Even though I’ve always found the tables to be extremely clean, it’s nice to be able to put that extra protection down. It makes it easy for the kids to spread out their food and stay germ free.                                                      IMG_8637
  4. Sweet Tea in a Styrofoam Cup: This just doesn’t need an explanation. It’s absolutely fabulousness.
  5. Healthy Menu Options: The top reason Chick-fil-A is one of our #1 food picks when we travel is because of the healthy menu items. Organic juice, fruit bowls, grilled nuggets, yogurt parfaits and the kale salad are just a few healthy menu items that we love! IMG_8643
  6. Hand Wipes: I’m a huge fan of soap and water. I really dislike hand sanitizer, except in extreme circumstances. But I’m so thankful for the Chick-fil-A hand wipes that are offered. We use them in a pinch, but better than that, I see other kids using them too. Less germs on other kids equals less germs for my kids to potentially catch! 
  7. Fast: Duh. But seriously, it’s really fast food. When we are traveling, sometimes stops can be so time consuming. Even if the drive-thru lines appear long, they always move fast. Whenever we go inside the restaurant, the food comes out quickly and we are able to get back on the road without much lost time.
  8. Playgrounds: While not every Chick-fil-A has a playground, many of them do. Many of them are also indoors which is nice for cold or rainy weather. I have always found the playgrounds to be in great condition. They are clean and well maintained. Sometimes even a quick 10 minutes on a playground during a long road trip can help the kids get some energy out.                                                     

Chick-fil-A signs appear on the highway exit signs and are usually located very close to the exit. You can always go to the website to find a restaurant near where you are traveling. Or you can always search on Yelp to see if there is one on your travel route.

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