Today’s Favorite Travel Product: Little Passports

Last week in my Top Gifts post, I mentioned a product called Little Passports. I wanted to follow up the mention with a dedicated post and review of the product.

A few months ago I began seeing advertisement for something called Little Passports. (On a side note, isn’t it totally creepy how Facebook KNOWS you? I constantly see advertising for travel products, kid paraphernalia and anything I purchase on Amazon. It’s disturbing.)  In any event, the advertising peaked my curiosity and I looked into the product.

And wow! Seriously, I am obsessed with the whole concept and can’t say enough great things about the product. In a word, Little Passports is awesome.

The idea behind the product is teaching kids about geographical locations through books and activities. The company tailors the products to several age groups including: 3-5, 6-8, and 9+. There are also several different geographical themes for kids to grow with and learn. Of course, the kits can be shared among siblings and each child will have a different take-away from the materials provided.

Upon signing up for Little Passports kids receive the starter kit in the mail. Each subsequent month the children get a new package to build on the initial theme.

Getting mail is the best!

Getting mail is the best!

My children check the mailbox almost every day in anticipation of the next kit’s arrival. Most months they don’t even make it in the door before they have torn into the package. The activities provide countless hours of entertainment. Additionally, they enjoy going back and referencing past packages.

Miller and Mary Grace enjoy reading all about the Little Passport adventures!

Miller and Mary Grace enjoy reading all about the Little Passport adventures!

All of the literature is well written and fun for kids. The landmarks, cities and geography featured captures children’s attention and allows them to learn a lot about each area. In addition to all of the geographical kits, Little Passports recently began a science themed subscription.

Little Passports products promote learning and curiosity for kids. It also encourages hands on learning by providing enjoyable and memorable activities for kids.

My kids couldn't wait to use the "old fashioned" camera to take pictures of their own adventures!

My kids couldn’t wait to use the “old fashioned” camera to take pictures of their own adventures!

Little Passports makes an incredible gift. Not only will kids enjoy receiving mail each month, but they will get the lifelong gift of knowledge about our world. Likewise, parents will appreciate the practicality of the gift and not ‘just another toy.’

 Follow this link to visit their website and receive 15% off if you enroll in the program: GIVE15

*Mom With A Map is an affiliate of Little Passports. I will receive compensation through your purchase from this link. However, all of the opinions in this post are my own.*

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