As often as our family travels, you would probably assume we’ve got the ultimate process in place for preparing for our trip. But if I’m being completely transparent, I’ll admit I almost always drop the ball on something. It’s not usually anything major- I’ll forget to stop the mail or get a pet sitter. It’s not uncommon for
me to be scrambling last minute. Or even making arrangements FROM our vacation.

Five For The Road Blog put together an incredible preparation post. Although the title would suggest only 8 planning tips, I found about 50 helpful reminders throughout the piece.

A couple of my favorite tips from her post include:

  • “Clean up your phone, especially if you are using it to take photos. Save and delete photos and delete apps you don’t need on vacation. You don’t want to be in the middle of taking a picture and see you have no storage.”
  • Involve the kids in the planning process by having them make a countdown chart.

Additionally, I love the “transportation essentials” portion at the end. Key questions are suggested for double checking the logistics of your travel. For example: “How long will it take us to drive to the airport?”

The best part of the whole post is the fact that you can receive a printable version of the post to use as a checklist on your next trip. View the full post here.

Is there something specific you always forget to do when preparing for a trip?

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