Celebrating Halloween on our Disney Cruise

Celebrating Halloween on our Disney Cruise

Last year our family had the opportunity to go on a Halloween Disney Cruise during the Fall. When I initially booked a late-September date, the holiday didn’t cross my mind.

Admittedly, Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Although I’m not a fan of the scary slant the holiday takes on, I love costumes, candy and everything pumpkin! Despite my love of the holiday, the celebration did add stress to my planning. I’m never good with the unknown and, after 2 Disney Cruises, I thought I knew exactly what to expect on our 3rd.

When I found out our ship would celebrate Halloween during our cruise, my initial thought was to not participate. Looking back, I wonder “what I was thinking?” I was crazy to even consider skipping out on such a fun family activity! When I came to my senses I began to research everything I could about the celebration. Unfortunately, I struggled to find any definite information or tips.

These two weren't the only Mickey and Minnie on our ship

These two weren’t the only Mickey and Minnie on our ship

So here are all the things I wanted to know about going on a Halloween Disney Cruise…

  1. Do it: Having gone through it once, I can confidently say I’d do it again. In fact, I wouldn’t miss it. My kids had the best time and it was certainly a highlight of the entire trip.
  2. Timing: Although the boat was decorated for the entirety of our trip, the big celebration took place one afternoon.
  3. Activities: As only Disney can, the celebration was larger than life. The characters came out in costume, and hosted a huge dance party. There were small carnival-like activities and trick or treating.

    Love to see the mouses all dressed up

    Love to see Mickey and Minnie all dressed up

  4. Trick or Treating: This did not take place ship-wide (as I originally assumed!) Within a large space there were characters and cast members set up to hand out candy. Kids were all provided a Disney bag to collect the candy.

    Collecting candy like it's their job

    Collecting candy like it’s their job

  5. Nothing Replaced: I initially feared this would take the place of another nightly tradition; however, nothing came off the itinerary.
  6. Costumes: We saw a little of everything. Some kids clearly wore their actual Halloween costume. Others didn’t have any costumes at all. Some adults dressed up, but not the majority. There was an overwhelming number of Disney themed costumes.
  7. Wardrobe: Most guests chose to wear their costumes only for the Halloween party. Very few kept them on for dinner and the evening activities. In other words, pack separate outfits for the rest of the day.
  8. Options: If for whatever reason you chose to skip the festivities, you can easily spend time on other parts of the boat. I can only imagine that the pool deck was mostly empty during the party…which would be another awesome option!

    Loving every moment!

    Loving every moment!

Have you celebrated Halloween on a Disney Cruise? Any more tips/information?

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