In the most recent census, the town of Hot Springs, Virginia registered 738 residents. And that’s exactly what makes the tiny area so charming and quaint! Located just east of the West Virginia border, the town sits amid a beautiful landscape in the Appalachian Mountains.

While best known for its namesake- the hot springs- the area has SO much more to offer! In fact, so much so that America’s first resort opened there back in 1766! The Omni Homestead offers guests a huge array of activities including- skiing, falconry, golf, horseback riding and tennis (among other things!) The resort also boasts several gorgeous pools and exquisite spa facilities.

The Omni Homestead contains several areas on property where guests can dip their toes in the hot, sulfur water. However, the true treat comes when visiting the Jefferson Pools. This is considered to be the first spa in our country and the waters are said to have incredible healing powers. For our family, this unique experience was a truly memorable activity! Although we visited Hot Springs, Virginia in the middle of winter- the water was a warm 98 degrees! We loved putting our toes down on the rocks and smelling the natural minerals rather than chlorine!

Another favorite memory from our trip was when we wandered off the Omni property to the quaint downtown (all within walking distance.) We found several fabulous food places and a great little coffee shop. There were also several shops worth checking out- mostly with homemade goods. For my city-kids, this experience was priceless!

Also worth noting- there are so many great activities within a short drive of Hot Springs, Virginia. We especially enjoyed exploring the Shenandoah Valley, traveling Skyline Drive and investigating Luray Caverns. For us, exploring that area of the country took a little outside-the-box thinking, but it turned into one of our favorite vacations.

Have you explored Hot Springs, Virginia? 

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