Did you happen to catch the Facebook Live video I did this past Sunday? (If not, be sure to follow Mom With A Map!) After announcing our big trip last week, our family went live to begin planning the trip. And do you know what I discovered? It’s totally going to be a game-changer as we plan our future vacations!

First let me take a step back and explain how we happened to test out this new method.

I am currently in the process of taking an awesome, and challenging course on blogging. You may have noticed a few minor differences with the website lately and you can thank Crystal Paine!

Crystal is the creator of Money Saving Mom and Your Blogging Mentor. I’ve been featured a few times on her site (Saving Money, Traveling More; Ways To Save On Spring Break Travel) and I am a BIG fan of her classes. And, while at first I sort of dreaded the homework- I’ve quickly grown to appreciate how helpful the encouragement can be as a resource for travel!

A glass of wine and Blog Coaching by Crystal…not a bad way to spend an evening!

Case in point: Facebook Live

Last week during the class she gave us 3 assignments, plus a bonus. Never one to back down from a challenge…you KNOW I was doing the bonus! Which meant, going live on Facebook for the first time! And, in hindsight, I can honestly say it revolutionized the way I will plan travel in the future.

Here’s how…

Facebook Live allows us to interact in real time with our followers. I love having the ability to receive feedback and suggestions for our route and destinations. As we explained the states we would be visiting, we got the opportunity to hear some amazing recommendations.

Our followers are one of our BEST resources!

It was so much fun for my kiddos to get to explain a little more about how they help me select activities. Although I planned out the introduction, we did not rehearse at all. The result was a very authentic glimpse into our travel planning! We cut the video off after 4 minutes or so, but spent hours pouring over your suggestions.

Based on some suggesting made on our Facebook Live, we’re adding stops at: Tent Rocks National Monument, Corn Palace, The Grand Staircase, and Crater of Diamonds State Park. (Yay, more stamps in our National Parks Passport!) None of those were on my radar and we are so excited to check them out!

Looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful world!

We will definitely be doing more Facebook Lives to get additional suggestions as we firm up our itinerary! Please keep the recommendations coming (you can use the comment section on this post!)

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A couple final notes:

Did I mention how much I am enjoying Crystal’s blog coaching? One of my favorite parts about the whole class (and no, it’s NOT Facebook Live!) is getting the opportunity to share “best practices” with tons of other bloggers. Here are a few of my favorite posts- and ones I think you will enjoy too- from some of my peers:

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How To Stay Active When You Have Kids From I Dream of Simple (active is NOT a problem for me with my crazy kiddos, but these are great tips and apply well to vacation situations!)

Growing Faith and Creating Memories From My Joy in Chaos (I am TOTALLY sold on this journal! In fact, I already ordered one!)

Lastly, as a result of a big kick in the butt from the coaching, I will soon be offering some amazing resources and a newsletter to everyone who subscribes to Mom With A Map. If you haven’t yet subscribed, make sure to do so today!





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