Yes you read that right. And the Ice Cream Infused Sweet Potatoes taste as amazing as the name implies! (But, of course, I’m not actually suggesting them as good travel food!)


In fact, if you do make them and plan to travel with them, be sure to read my post on Safe Travel!

But I had to share this life-changing recipe.

It was all my daughter’s idea. As hosts of the family Thanksgiving, we excitedly got to plan the menu. Naturally we wanted to make a fairly traditional fare. However, we wanted to add our own little flare to it. So when Mary Grace stumbled upon this recipe, she was sold!

Then she sold EVERYONE we know. And now they are all asking me for this recipe. I thought I would just publicly share since it’s amazing.


I promise- if you show up to your Thanksgiving feast with this incredible dish- you are sure to be a hit!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving recipe?

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