It’s no secret that our family loves to travel to amazing destinations. And, I’d like to think, my children appreciate these Bucket-List-worthy places. However, there is truly nothing they talk about more than the weird and wacky roadside attractions we manage to squeeze into our travels!

We’ve been fortunate enough to catch a few- like the World’s Largest Fire Hydrant in Colombia, South Carolina; and the World’s Largest Baseball Bat in Louisville, Kentucky. And then, of course, there’s the time we went to great lengths to visit the World’s Largest Peanut…only to find out later, it wasn’t.

As great as these places were, none of them hold a candle to our very favorite wacky roadside attraction- Lucy The Elephant.

We first learned about Lucy through our Little Passports Subscription. My kids receive a fun book with facts about each state and, for whatever reason, this elephant stuck out in their memory. As we began planing our trip to New Jersey last summer, they began begging to go see Lucy The Elephant.

In fact, I distinctly remember phrases like “it’s the place I’ve always wanted to go my whole life” being thrown out. The kids seemed more interested in this elephant statue than almost anything else on our road trip. Never mind that Atlantic City wasn’t exactly on our route!

I ended up changing up our entire itinerary to accommodate this weird and wacky roadside attraction! And I couldn’t be more glad that I did!

There was nothing not to love about visiting Lucy!

Lucy The Elephant is a National Historic Landmark. She sits just steps from the sand on beautiful Margate Beach. Guided tours are available and I HIGHLY recommend taking one. Not only was climbing through the giant statue extremely memorable, but we also enjoyed learning so many fun facts about her history.

The kids most memorable part of the visit was peaking out her giant eyes (windows) to the beach! And I especially loved the 360 degree view off the top!

You can visit Lucy The Elephant’s official website for hours and more details.

If you are able, I highly recommend spending the day on one of the area’s beautiful beaches and then taking the Cape May-Lewes Car Ferry at sunset!

We are looking forward to catching some more weird and wacky roadside attractions during our travels this summer. Have you ever visited one that you’d recommend?

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