Today’s Favorite Travel Product: Wiz Gear Magnetic Car Mount

2 Pack from Wiz Gear

Before I start please let me be clear: I don’t promote or support texting while driving. If you live or travel in a state where talking on your cell phone is legal, then I am okay with that- if done safely! However, I do value my cell phone for directions…and that brings me to the point of this post.

If you’re anything like us, you have a love/hate relationship with your cell phone in the car. On one hand, we rely heavily on it for directions when we travel. But on the other hand, sometimes it tends to be difficult to manage while driving. We’ve gone through countless mounts which, for various reasons, don’t work. One was too difficult to get the cell phone in and out while driving, another constantly slipped out of position, and one we didn’t even attempt to use because it required affixing it permanently on the dash!

I ordered our Wiz Gear Magnetic Car Mount with much skepticism. It almost appeared too good to be true and too easy to actually work. But desperate for a working solution before some summer road trips, I gave it a chance. And wow! It not only works, but it works well!

Super easy for the driver to see the directions!

The mount portion clips right in to any air vent. The vent can still be moved and used (although depending on placement, your phone will likely block a little bit of the air flow.) The base is not attached permanently in any way and can be moved at anytime.

There are two options for the magnetic piece that goes on your phone. One option is to slide the magnet in your phone case. Even through a thick case, the magnet works perfectly. The other option is to stick the magnet directly on the back of your phone. No tools required with either option!

Very quick, one handed attachment and removal!

Once you have the base and magnet in place, the next step is to put your cell phone in position. It’s REALLY simple! If at any point  you need to access your phone, it detaches from the magnet quickly.

The Wiz Gear Magnetic Car Mount is safe and convenient. We  love the accessibility of our phone, and the one handed operation of removing it and attaching it. To order your set, click here.

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