It’s Masters Tournament Week! In a perfect world, we’d be on our way to Augusta, Georgia right now. But unfortunately, this year our family will just be watching on TV.

However, it’s never too early to start planning for our trip to Augusta because it WILL happen…someday!

The city is located on the banks of the Savannah River and about 150 miles east of Atlanta. In fact, an interesting little tidbit about the town- it was actually the capital city of Georgia TWICE! It’s also the second largest and oldest city in the state.

Augusta National Golf Course opened its doors in 1933 and has since become the most famous golf course in the world. The Masters Tournament began the following year and is now considered one of the most prestigious traditions in sports.

Although obviously best known for golf, Augusta has so much more to offer! Here are some family-friendly activities in the area to check out:

Also, when you aren’t eating at Augusta National, make sure you are eating local! The area has tons of great restaurants. Be sure to check out Yelp to help you find the right place for you!

If you’re like our family and only dreaming of attending the Masters Tournament this year, there are a few fun ways to celebrate at home. Aside from our time in front of the TV, we enjoy having a golf-themed week! Here are two of my favorite ways to commemorate the Masters:

  1. Throw A Golf Themed Party: I love this because it is so easy and people go crazy for it! A few of my favorite items include: The Greens (salad); Club Sandwiches; “Fore” Layer Dip (a layered Mexican dip); “Chip” shots (chips); and Sweet “Tee.” You can get the white powdery donut holes for dessert and they look exactly like golf balls. I am also a HUGE fan of Arnold Palmers (with or without alcohol.) I always order the cans, but you can also order the mix. Either way, so much fun! 
  2. Topgolf: One of our families absolute favorite places in the whole world is Topgolf. When asked what they want do do on a family day, 9 time out of 10 my kiddos want to go to Top Golf. The concept is driving range style competition with a great atmosphere, fantastic food and fun drinks built in. If you have one near you, check it out! You will also want to check their website for family rates (usually earlier in the morning.) 

No matter how you choose to celebrate the Masters Tournament- I hope you enjoy some great golf this week! One final fun fact about Augusta- it is rumored that George Washington’s dog is buried in Augusta! Who knew?

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