Memorial Day Weekend is just a couple days away, and it’s not too late to plan a little family get-away!

Some of our best, most memorable trips have been VERY spontaneous trips. One of the advantages of traveling last minute are the deals that might be available. Sometimes you are able to find some great bargains! Additionally, staying flexible with your travel plans allows you to take weather into consideration (to an extent!)

We really enjoy saving day-trips, or closer locations for our spontaneous weekends away. These trips might include one specific destination, or a series of stops.

If you aren’t sure where to start, consider visiting the Only In Your State website and searching for the “Ultimate Waterfall Road Trip.” You can build an entire trip around visiting several waterfalls in your state (which is usually a very inexpensive itinerary.) I posted an example of this with the Ultimate South Carolina Waterfall Road Trip.


Another great way to spend your Memorial Day Weekend would be to find some landmarks or “bucket list” items within driving distance. A few years ago we wanted to visit Lake Superior (on our quest to eventually visit all 5 Great Lakes!)


Driving directly to the lake was about a 3 and a half our drive for us. While it would have been possible to do it in a day (7 hours total), it certainly wasn’t our most ideal situation. We considered staying in the small town by the lake, but the lodging prices were extremely high.

We ended up picking a bigger city closer to the lake- Milwaukee, Wisconsin- to stay in for the weekend. From Milwaukee, we were able to make a day trip up to Lake Superior. We were also able to make several other fun stops along our route since we weren’t trying to pack it all into 1 day!

Our favorite “extra” stop on that particular weekend trip was the Jelly Belly Factory in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.


3-day weekends are always a great time to plan a spontaneous get-away for your family! Where are you going to spend Memorial Day Weekend?


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