How do you prepare for a big family vacation?

Even with as much as we travel, our “typical” preparation involves talking about it for months. Me, feeling like I have so much to do…but generally procrastinating until a day or two before we leave. And then me pulling an all-nighter the evening before we leave trying to get all the last minute things accomplished. (Meanwhile, my husband sleeps soundly…)

I end up going into our vacations exhausted- which is really no fun for anyone!

This summer I’m determined to break out of my traditional pre-trip routine! And so, I’ve committed to sharing my to-do lists as we prepare for our travels. Last week I shared my Checklist for 8 weeks prior to leaving.

One of the items on my list was to go ahead and shop for your trip essentials. I noted that I’d share my travel shopping list after I placed my order (let me just take a second and thank God for Amazon!) Although I fully intended to write this post and share my list- now I have a compelling story to go along with it…

Last week I gave my husband a list of things to order to prepare us for our trip. One of the items on the list was memory chips to fit into the VTech cameras my children got from the Easter Bunny. Admittedly, I didn’t really read the box to find out what kind of chip we needed.

Sadly, as he was ordering Brent even asked me what size chip and I quickly assured him it was the same size as the one for my camera. Turns out, I was wrong!

This could have been a huge disaster!  I was absolutely in the mindset that we were going to save the cameras for our trip…but my negotiator (Mary Grace) pointed out that it would be good for them to practice with the cameras and learn how to use them before we set out.

Thankfully, this led to the discovery that I’d ordered the wrong size memory chips!

But, all that being said- this is a great reason to get your shopping done well in advance of your trip!

Here are a few items I order in advance of almost every trip (and a few items that our family already has in our collection. But they are absolutely vital to our travels so if you don’t have them already- you need them!)

Travel Shopping List:

  1. Camera Memory Chip
  2. Pet Food
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Travel Journal
  5. Power Strip Charging Station
  6. Cell Phone Car Mount
  7. Travel Bottles (airline approved)
  8. Car or Plane Entertainment For Kids
  9. Car Trash Can
  10. National Parks Passport Book

So far, that’s all the typically items I order in advance. I also bought both my kids new pairs of water shoes for this summer’s travel. I also just bought our family a new road trip CD for all of us to enjoy- The Greatest Showman

What is on your travel shopping list?

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