First, let me start by saying HAPPY 2017! On one hand, I’m sad to see 2016 come to an end. Our family had a truly wonderful year, and I love the season of life we’re in. However, the start of a new year brings so much joy, excitement and possibility.

In thinking ahead to 2017 I have to go all the way back to October 2016 to “start” the year. You see, back in October Target came out with their 2017 calendars. They’d finally clearanced out all the school-year calendars and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a new yearly calendar. (I may or may not have been checking Target weekly since August…)

It’s really pathetic how much I love a brand new planner!

Anyway, I brought my new calendar home, sat down with my multi-pack of gel pens, and began to write important dates in my new planner. Yes, I’m totally aware of how dorky this  story portrays me…but it gets worse. The very first thing I wrote IN PEN turned out to be a mistake. THE VERY FIRST THING.

If I were the type of girl who cries, this would have done it. Instead I sat there staring at the gorgeous gel pen on my new pristine calendar page. I debated just leaving it and pretending it wasn’t wrong. In fact, I started adding more to the month. But the more I added, the more the mistake bothered me.

So I did what any rational girl would do- I placed an “emergency call” to my husband at work to ask his advice. In hindsight, this was a terrible idea. Here’s a pretty accurate recap of how the call went after I explained the situation:

Brent: (long pause after I finished telling him the problem): “So, what was the problem?”

Me: Restates the problem

Brent: “I wouldn’t write in pen. Why aren’t you writing in pencil?”

Me: “Okay, that is not a solution.”

Brent: “Have you tried white-out?”

Me: “Well, I’m wondering if it will look worse. Should I just leave it on the calendar even though I know it’s on the wrong date? Just so I don’t have a mistake? Or should I do the white-out? Do you think this is a bad sign that I messed up my brand new calendar? I mean, it can’t be good.”

Brent: “Don’t worry. There are only like 3 more months in this year and then the calendar will be finished and you’ll get a new one.”

LONG PAUSE as I literally smack my head.

Tell me this would drive anyone crazy? It CAN’T just be me!

After hanging up I decided to give white-out a try. It looked as horrible as I imagined. So then I decided to focus on the last 4 words my husband said to me “get a new one.” I’ll always remember 2017 as the year I messed up and then started over- before the year even started. Though, I sincerely hope it’s not a theme for the year!

Already starting to fill up all these blank spots with adventures we’re going to take!

With my new planner, I look forward to kicking off the year. We’ve already got several trips on the schedule and even more on the wish list.

Here are my 2017 Travel Resolutions:

  1. Visit 3 new (to the kids) states.
  2. Spend 1 day on a snowy mountain in skis (revised from “teach our kids to snow ski” which was entirely too ambitious.)
  3. Put a stamp in our (real) passports.
  4. Put 3 new stamps in our National Parks Passport.
  5. Take the kids to 1 big city that they’ve never been to before.
  6. Go to 3 new places in our state (North Carolina.)
  7. Take 1 kidless vacation with Brent (must be at least 48 hours of time away.)
  8. Ride in a car, boat, plane, and train at some point this year while traveling (does not need to be all in the same vacation.)
  9. Go somewhere that the kids can use their new snorkel gear they got for Christmas.
  10. Plan a holiday trip. It does not necessarily need to be on Thanksgiving, and it won’t be on Christmas…but something in that time window that will specifically be to enjoy a Christmas-y atmosphere in a city other than ours.


What are your New Year’s TRAVEL Resolutions?

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