Many things stand out from my recent visit to the North Carolina Zoo; however, if I had to pick a common theme it would revolve around the spacious and beautiful land. Located in Asheboro, North Carolina, the NC Zoo has over 500 acres of “natural habitat.”

This amount of space makes it THE LARGEST ZOO IN THE WORLD!

From the moment we stepped through the gates, we were overwhelmed with the beautiful scenery (and actually, the parking lot was pretty too!)


Everything about the North Carolina Zoo was natural in appearance. The whole time we were there I felt as if I were in a forest preserve or state park, rather than a zoo.


The zoo consists of 2 main areas: North America and Africa. Most days you can park and enter on either side.

North America is broken up into several different areas. A few highlights include:

The Swampland…

DSC_2772 DSC_2766

The Rocky Coast, which includes several species of bears (a highlight for my children!)…

DSC_2812 DSC_2840

The Southwestern Desert, with it’s brand new animal- the Ocelot- and a dome full of other desert animals…


The African Side is also broken down into several different plains.



Although the North Carolina Zoo is very spread out, the animals themselves are very easy to see. The way that their spaces are designed allows for viewing from multiple angles and minimizes the distance you are from the animals.

DSC_2801 DSC_2795

Although we visited on a hot day, a lot of the animals were very active. We enjoyed getting to see their playful side! Others were resting in the cool water…


Special design features of the NC Zoo that we loved were the binocular stations. For $ .25 we were able to view many of the animals close up. My kids really enjoyed being able to see their detailed features!


There were also lots of steps for my children to stand on to get a better view. I SO appreciated not having to hold them up to the glass!


The zoo is very spread out so I highly recommend that you bring a stroller. My 4-year old has never been a big fan of being in a stroller, but he was not complaining at all! Even my 8-year old asked if she could take a turn.

There is a very nice playground and lots of great places to eat (I recommend the BBQ, it’s delicious!!!)


One final highlight of the NC Zoo is it’s close proximity to several major cities. Located almost in the center of the state, it is a very close drive from Raleigh, Greensboro and Charlotte!

For more information on the NC Zoo, and to plan your visit, visit their website.

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