About 2 months ago (maybe more?) Travel-Wise reached out to me about writing an article for their website. Without hesitation, I agreed and we worked out the details. Travel-Wise is one of my go-to resources! The site provides so much insightful information and helpful ideas. Of course, I couldn’t wait to have my writing featured on their site! One of their suggested topics struck a chord with me- tips for planning summer travel.

It didn’t take long for me to put together an article, and submit it to the publisher. And then life got busy. Kids finished school, we started vacationing…and honestly I forgot all about it.

Fast forward to last week. Our family began a 2 week adventure.  13 states, D.C., and Canada were on the agenda.  Although I probably spent a billion hours planning every detail, the first 24 hours did not quite go like I imagined it. For starters, we got on the road about 3 hours later than scheduled- arriving at the hotel well after midnight. Due to our late arrival, we hit snooze on the alarm clock for longer than I care to admit. Because we got off to a VERY late start, I attempted to accelerate the morning.

First stop on our epic family road trip.

In order to do everything I planned, we essentially had to walk at a break-neck pace in hundred degree weather. I focused more on doing everything on my itinerary than making it enjoyable for our family. Don’t get me wrong- we still had a blast- but it definitely could have gone better!

Besides our quick-pace tour of D.C., I also messed up the food situation. I’d planned so well, that I didn’t want to veer from anything on the schedule. Thankfully my spontaneous husband managed to salvage the situation by rearranging our activities to accommodate a meal.

At the end of the day we collapsed in our hotel room. We’d conquered my “D.C. In A Day” tour. But we walked 23K steps and the children complained a lot. With 13 more days to go on our trip, I felt like I’d been unrealistic in my plans. Could we really cover everything I’d planned? Why didn’t I factor in logistics and sleep?

As I was unwinding I checked my email on my phone and found a note from Travel-Wise. They let me to know that my article published that day. I clicked on the link to see it (and refresh my memory on what I’d written!) Oh my goodness, the only thing I could do was laugh at the advice I shared.  So much irony in the timing of laying there thinking my road trip planning was COMPLETELY UNREALISTIC as I read my words.

I share all of this for two reasons. First, to be real. I’m still a work in progress. And even with experience, I get it wrong sometimes. And secondly, to plug my own post that I did for them. Please follow this link to check it out!

**Spoiler Alert: We’ve gotten a few more days of the road trip under our belt and things are going much better!**

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