What To Pack For A Disney Cruise

Last week I wrote a post about how I started travel blogging (read here.) I mentioned our Disney Cruise and how the whole idea for Mom With A Map basically snowballed from a picture I posted on social media.

Well, the post opened up the floodgates. Apparently there are a lot of our readers getting ready for a magical vacation on the sea. Although I fielded a lot, the most recurring questions involved what to pack for a Disney Cruise.

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In my opinion, it’s virtually impossible to overpack for a Disney Cruise. Although the temptation might be to try to limit your luggage, I think its far worse to not have something you need. The rooms offer tremendous storage for your suitcases under the bed, ample closet space for your clothes, and several drawers/cabinets. If you take a few minutes to unpack, your room will not feel crowded- even if you do bring double the amount of stuff that you’ll end up needing!

Also, keep in mind that you won’t be able to run to the store. Of course, there are some shops on board the ship; However, they don’t have everything. And they’re certainly more expensive.

In addition to your “typical” daily trip needs, here is my master list of what to pack for a Disney Cruise:

  • 1 day outfit per day: You may start your day with breakfast, or a character meet and greet before changing into bathing suits and/or beach attire.
  • At least 2 bathing suits and cover ups: There are no dryers available and there is nothing worse that putting on a wet bathing suit if it doesn’t dry overnight.
  • 1 evening outfit per day: Typically, guests dress up a bit for dinner. Disney Cruises aren’t super formal, but there are still some guidelines. Be sure to refer to the official website for the dress code.
  • Themed clothing: Depending on your specific itinerary and dates, there are likely 1-2 themed events. Some people choose to travel with Disney Costumes and/or dress up attire for pirate night.
  • Sunscreen
  • Medicine: Both prescription and over the counter.
  • Water Bottles/Canteens: Drink stations are located on the pool deck. And the cups provided are small. Bring your own bottles to fill for walking around the ship and accessing in your room.
  • Alcohol: Disney Cruise Line allows all guests over 21 to carry on alcohol. They have changed the limit a couple of times in the last few years, so be sure to check the website for the most current policy.
  • Passport or Birth Certificate: One of the two is required and I highly recommend a passport for security reasons.
  • Addresses: There is a post office located on Disney’s private island- Castaway Cay. It’s fun to send a postcard to loved ones back at home.
  • Backpack or Easy Shoulder bag: It’s nice to have a way to carry all your loose items around on the ship and at the ports.
  • Autographable Item: You will meet all the characters during your time on the boat. A lot of people bring something special for the characters to sign like a Autograph Book, t-shirt, Pillowcase or photo mat.
  • Small Change: It’s really easy to get caught up in the convenience of charging everything to your room and even the “final” tip for your servers and room staff at the end. However, if you take advantage of room service (and you should because it’s included!) you’ll still want some smaller bills to tip the delivery person.
  • Door Decorations: The state room doors all look exactly alike. Participate in the fun (and help yourself out!) by bringing Magnetic Door Decorations (no tape allowed.)
  • Lightweight Jacket or Sweater: I’m always cold so no matter what time of year we travel- I find the dining rooms a little cool. Additionally, when you are on the pool deck at night for the fireworks it is very breezy.

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What unexpected or unusual item do you pack for a Disney Cruise? Or what did you wish you’d packed?

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What To Pack For A Disney Cruise

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