I once heard this really funny story about a friend who went on vacation and forgot all of her husband’s clothes. Even better, they didn’t discover this mishap until about 9PM, the night before Thanksgiving while they were driving through middle-of-nowhere Virginia. Let’s just say, the husband wasn’t very thankful for his wife that year.

So how does this happen, and more importantly how can you prevent it from happening to you? (I’m actually going to need someone else to answer those questions!)

Personally, I’m a big fan of packing spreadsheets for my children’s clothes. And by “spreadsheet” I mean a hand written, packing list full of color coded, highlighted items. I make lists by day, by person, by suitcase, and by destination. I make piles with sticky notes and cross check the lists. The clothes get ironed and then packed in reverse order of when they will get worn. If space allows I bring hangers too.



 If you’ve read closely enough and/or picked up on the sarcasm of my opening story…you probably see where this is going. I tend to spend so much time and energy making sure my children have perfectly coordinated and often themed, clothing for every moment of our trips, that I drop the ball on everything else. Like EVERYTHING else.

Most recently I forgot sunscreen when our family went on a cruise. While this may not sound like the biggest blunder, I challenge you to find the closest drugstore while sailing in the middle of the ocean. Thankfully we were able to purchase some on board, however it was the equivalent price of a car payment. Once I forgot the kid’s life jackets when heading to the beach. That was a pricey mistake, as well.


Socks, belts, make-up, shoes, underwear, hairbrush…you name it, I’ve forgotten it. I could probably write a whole post on where and how to acquire said items while traveling to various destinations. Let me just say, for the record, there are not many stores open the night before Thanksgiving! It’s not the best time to forget your husband’s clothes.

This is clearly not a how-to post. But I’d love to hear some of your biggest packing mistakes. PLEASE someone, get me off the hook for the no-clothes-Thanksgiving incident!

What’s the worst thing you’ve forgotten to pack?

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