If I had to sit down and write a list of people I admire, Crystal Paine, would undoubtedly make the list. Although many of you may not recognize the name, I’m sure most of you have heard of Money Saving Mom.

For those of you who have been missing out, let me give you a little recap about Money Saving Mom (MSM.) Right around the time I had our first child, Mary Grace, Crystal started MSM as a way to help others find great deals, save money for their family, and generally navigate the world of coupons. She inspired me (and so many others) to seek out extraordinary savings by shopping smart. For years I have enjoyed her shopping advice and tips, and I will credit her with many of my good grocery store habits!

Fast forward several years, and now Crystal’s website is HUGE. She’s worked incredibly hard, and has dedicated herself to being the best version of herself that she can be. She still shares valuable tips with her readers, but many of her posts have evolved past the weekly circular section.

All this to say, I have always admired Crystal. But then I read a recent post on How I Packed For a 10-Day International Trip In A Carry-On. Wow! Yep, she’s officially turned into my hero. Don’t breeze over her post because it’s FULL of great information from beginning to end (including the comments from her readers!)

A few specific things impressed me about her packing. First, she thought out all of the different outfit combinations she could create out of the items she chose to bring. I have a very bad habit of making piles of outfits for every day- never repeating any piece and actually bringing multiples of the same item. Secondly, I love how she planned to leave a few things to make extra space for any purchases. And lastly, I appreciated the honesty about what she didn’t really need and what she wished she had in her suitcase.

I am totally inspired to try this ultra-light packing technique. In fact, I feel challenged. I can’t wait to see how few items I can pack on my next trip (my husband is not very excited about this challenge- he is speculating that I’ll end up at Target purchasing everything I thought I could do without!)

What are your tips for packing light?

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