Mom With A Map is a website dedicated to sharing the adventures- and misadventures- of traveling with family. We love to share our stories, tips, tricks and laughter.

Our goals are pretty straightforward:

  1. To inspire other families to travel.
  2. To promote great family-friendly destinations and travel products.
  3. To show our kids the world.
  4. To be light as we travel- sharing our faith in Jesus.

Are you a company interested in partnering with Mom With A Map? We believe the most authentic promotion comes through real life experiences. Our family is always up for a new adventure or the opportunity to test out a new travel product.

Please contact Sarah at to discuss partnership opportunities.


 Do you have an idea, a tip or a story that my readers might be interested in hearing more about? Mom With A Map gladly accepts guest post submissions. A few things to keep in mind: the content must be original and not published on any other website; the article can not contain any affiliate links; submission should contain between 500-700 words; content must be relevant to family travel and fit into the goals of our website. Submissions will be edited and only published at the discretion of Mom With A Map.

Please submit your article to Sarah at

General questions, ideas, praise, and anything else I’ve left out can also be directed to Sarah at

Complaints or criticism can be sent to the attention of Brent at (Just kidding- don’t send any complaints!)

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