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Yesterday our country celebrated President’s Day. Although my children were originally supposed to have school (which is a shame- it really should be a National Holiday…and no, it isn’t a National Holiday it’s actually just considered a Federal Holiday.) Anyway, back to the point, my kids should have been in school. But our area had what they called a “weather event.”

Here is what it looked like:


I know it’s hard to see in this picture…but nothing actually happened! Yes, that’s right. Not a drop of snow or ice. And school was cancelled.

So what do you do when you find yourself unexpectedly home with 2 kids on President’s Day? You look up Presidential Landmarks and plan out future travel!


We were able to find several awesome resources. Here are a few that peaked our interest:

  1. Official ListThis is the list of sites from the National Parks Service. It’s organized by President (but does not include Obama.)
  2. 50 Best:  This list is organized by state and includes 1 Presidential Site from each state. I like this list because it really narrows down the huge number of options and it also includes very random places related to different presidents, not necessarily the most famous.
  3. American LandmarksI love this list because, although not all presidential, this is a very complete list of the most famous American landmarks. This would be the list you’d want to use as a Bucket List for travel!
  4. D.C. Memorials/LandmarksThis is a wonderful list if you are planning to spend time in the Washington D.C. area. My kids really took interest in this website and learned several neat facts about these places. They are really looking forward to visiting D.C. soon!
  5. Monument ListThis list is a little dry, but the dorky side of me found it pretty interesting. I printed out a copy and will keep this handy as we plan travel. It is a great resource for all the National Monuments!


How did you spend your President’s Day?

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