Today’s Favorite Travel Product: Presidential Libraries Coloring Book

Favorite travel product

Favorite travel product

In the spirit of the upcoming election, I want to highlight this awesome book by Dover Publications. The Presidential Libraries coloring book is an awesome way for kids to learn about past Presidents, and the historical memorabilia. Also included are facts about various artifacts you find in the library.

I count this as a “travel product” because of its educational focus on the location of the libraries. Among the first pages you find a map with the names and locations of each library. Currently there are 13 Presidential Libraries scattered across the country.

State locations of these libraries include: Iowa, New York, Missouri, Kansas, Massachusetts,  Texas (3), California (2), Michigan, Georgia, and Arkansas.

Full map with locations of libraries

Map with locations of libraries

Although I have not visited any of these libraries with my children, I just added all of them to the travel bucket list. Somehow, the more we travel, the longer the list gets of places we need to go and see! As they use this book they will learn more about the places we will visit.

So many fun facts!

So many fun facts!

Dover Publications describes this book as being “thirty fact and fun filled pages” that “explore the official libraries of thirteen past U.S. presidents from Herbert Hoover to George W. Bush. Ready to color architectural drawings and presidential portraits are accompanied by interesting details of each unique building and its noteworthy memorabilia. The First Ladies and their roles in building the libraries are also profiled.”

Additionally, included on the last page of the book is a link to each library’s website. I greatly enjoyed exploring each website for pictures and great visitor information.

To purchase the coloring book, visit this link:  Coloring Book

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