Up until recently, I’d never seen a bad picture of Rhode Island. Seriously, every single image I ever stumbled across made the state look like one of the most picturesque places in the world.

But, then we went there. And here’s what I captured…

Not quite the “beautiful” I planned for!

It’s pretty easy to tell (but in case you’re not in high definition)- it’s absolutely pouring in the picture. Not just like a cute drizzle. But a monsoon, coming-down-sideways rain. Don’t even bother asking if I really made my kids get out to take the picture- of course I did!

When I planned my trip to Rhode Island, I assumed I’d come home with pictures like the one at the top of this post. If I were more skilled at photoshop, I would just impose my children right onto that island by the lighthouse. But alas, I think we’ll just have to make a return trip soon.

Had the sun been shining, my most highly anticipated Rhode Island activity was the Newport Cliff walk. I couldn’t wait for the breathtaking views of the coast! And, of course, I wanted to gawk at the mansions. I had big plans to top off our walk with ridiculously good seafood overlooking the Atlantic.

But the rain was unrelenting. And my plans unrealistic.

We scrambled to come up with plan B. Despite the variety of options, all we could come up with last minute (that was do-able in rain and wouldn’t take us hours off our route) was visiting Pawtucket. And what’s in Pawtucket, you might ask? The official family-travel ambassador of Rhode Island- Mr. Potato Head at the Hasboro Headquarters!

We pulled up and I pointed excitedly to the gigantic statue. Unfortunately, my children were less than impressed. In fact, Miller (5) asked why there was a big peanut with arms. Definitely a “smack my head” moment for me. Clearly, as a second child he was deprived. Mary Grace (10) thankfully corrected him quickly and reminisced over her multiple sets. (Which likely lost so many parts over the years they were tossed by the time her brother came along!)

I tried to force them out of the car for a picture. Yes, in the pouring rain again. The request was met with a hard “no.” Even my husband questioned my sanity. But, let’s be real for a second- did the moment even happen if we didn’t take a picture? I say no. I mean, why else did we drive out of our way to see some giant statue?!?

After our second “fail” of the afternoon, we decided to cut our losses. We enjoyed an extremely delicious seafood  dinner and called it a night. Not quite the noteworthy Rhode Island experience I expected. But, memorable, nevertheless.

Obviously, this state is on our “do over” list. In addition to the Newport Cliff Walk, here are a few things we’re looking forward to experiencing:

10 Must Try Foods (we only put a small dent in this list!)

The Ice Cream Train

Roger Williams Park Zoo and Carousel Village

Wright’s Dairy Farm

Lighthouse Tour

What is your favorite destination in Rhode Island?

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