How about making your next trip a little more exciting and educational with some road trip math?

Last week I shared an awesome resource for road trip printables. The link was filled with tons of great worksheet ideas to keep your children entertained in the car. Read post here.

To add to that, I just found a great post from Triumphant Learning about math games you can play in the car with your kids.

2 things I love about this particular post:

  1. No preparation needed. You do not need to print anything out or bring any supplies along. This also translates into no mess to clean up!
  2. Educational for all age ranges. The games detailed can be modified or simplified for preschool age children or made more difficult for Elementary children.

Read the full post from Triumphant Learning here.

One additional math game that our family enjoys playing in the car: sales clerk.  We purchase something and name the price. Example: “I would like to buy a pack of gum for $ .77, which coins do I need to give you?” Or reverse it “I’m buying a toothbrush for $2.29 and I only have a $5 bill. How much change do you need to give me back?”

Do you have any math games that your family enjoys playing on a road trip?

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