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Have you ever noticed how much water costs when you purchase it randomly? I mean, seriously, for what it costs to hydrate my family for a day on vacation I could water my entire lawn every day for a month! You could really add a line item to the vacation budget just for “bottled water” for our family of 4. Consequently, we’ve become more conscious of ways to save money on water when we travel.

By taking a few steps ahead of time, we save hundreds on our bottled water budget! Here are a few things we consider prior to our travel:

Know The Rules: By simply researching the location ahead of time, you will know if it’s okay to bring water. Some theme parks actually welcome you to bring your own. Likewise, it’s good to know that airport security will not allow liquids past the screening point. Additionally, some venues have become extremely strict on what they allow while others have not. Check websites and look for sections titled “Frequently Asked Questions.” Often that is where you can located the beverage policies.

BYOW: By all means, if you’re allowed BRING YOUR OWN WATER! Paying astronomical prices for something so inexpensive is inexcusable when you have the option.

Water Bottles: If you are going to a place that doesn’t allow you to bring water, attempt to bring your own water bottle. It is easy to fill your water bottles at a water fountain inside the park or venue. Water bottles also allow you the convenience of not having to stop to refill often. If space is going to be an issue, consider purchasing a few collapsable cups. We’ve found that our kids think it’s a huge adventure to use these special cups, and it prevents arguments at the water fountain.

Pack a travel bottle for every member of your family.

Pack a travel bottle for every member of your family.

Sharpie: If bringing your own water or water bottles is completely out of the question, bring a sharpie. Yes, you will still have to spend money purchasing 1 round of drinks for everyone. However, instead of getting them mixed up and subsequently wasted, writing names allows you to use the same bottle all day. Again, see the paragraph above about filling water bottles at a water fountain.

Writing initials on the cap is the easiest way to tell identical waters apart.

Writing initials on the cap is the easiest way to tell identical waters apart.

Grocery Store Water: If we are going on a road trip we make room for a pack somewhere in our car. It’s amazing, for the same price we would pay for 1 or 2 waters at a gas station, we purchase a whole pack of 24!

Buy Smart: If you decide you need to purchase a bottled water somewhere, you pay anywhere from $2 to $5. Now, some places will give you a water (tap) without a purchase. However, those places are few and far between these days. But consider taking the same money you would have spent on water and put it towards a food purchase. Often times, with a food purchase, places are willing to give you a water.

At the end of the day, water is SO important. It’s not worth making your family sick in order to save a few dollars when traveling. On the other hand, when you can put in a little planning effort to save money it’s always helpful!

Have you found any additional tricks to avoid overspending on bottled water when traveling?

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