Yesterday I had the exciting privilege of being featured again on one of my all time favorite websites- Money Saving Mom! You might remember a post I wrote last year (here) when I talked about what a huge fangirl I am when it comes to that website. It’s once again a little surreal to see my writing on a website I’ve been following for so many years. This time I shared my tips on saving money so that our family can spend more on travel.

Family trip to Ireland- a priceless experience!

I’d say, besides Jesus, 3 of my top passions in life are: my family, travel and saving money. And so it’s fun when the 3 things intersect in a post! I love helping people find creative ways to travel as a family.

You can read the tips I shared- here. You’ll find some great suggestions on saving money in your every day life in order to be able to spend more money traveling as a family. For us, being extremely intentional with our finances on a day to day basis gives us the freedom to plan vacations with our family.

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In addition to all the tips I shared on the Money Saving Mom site, here are 2 bonus tips for saving money so you can travel more:

  1. Smart Banking: Another great way to save money throughout the course of a year is to be smart with your banking. We are big fans of using Credit Unions which typically have far less fees than traditional banks. In addition, we set all of our bills up on an automatic bill pay. Not only do we save ourselves the hassle of having to pay bills each month, but we also save money on checks, stamps and envelopes. Not to mention the fact that we eliminate the possibility of a late fee! Additionally, we make our money work for us by using travel rewards credit cards. If you missed my post on that, definitely check it out (here) and start earning yourself some free travel!
  2. Spend More To Save More: Ironically, this is the exact opposite advice from the title of my post on Money Saving Mom…but let me explain. Whenever possible we chose to invest a little more on the front end in order to save money in the long run. For example, we replace all of the lightbulbs in our house with ones that are energy efficient. Although this is more costly, we quickly make the money back by saving on our electric bill each month. Similarly, we installed programmable thermostats in our home to cut down on heating and air bills. Also, we try to make sure that the products we buy will stand the test of time. There is no real savings when you purchase the cheapest version of an appliance only to have it break and have to replace it. For most purchases we consult Consumer Reports or view online reviews to make sure we get the best value AND quality for our money.

Traveling together as a family is worth every penny!

I hope between this post and the one on Money Saving Mom, you’ve found lots of ways to save money in your daily routine so that you can spend money on travel!

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