I grew up in Atlanta and lived in cities such as Orlando, Chicago and Charlotte- so no one will ever mistake me for a small-town girl. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t LOVE to visit! In fact, when we travel I actually prefer small towns. I want my kids to see the country as it really exists. Not as these pockets of big city urbanization.

When we went to Ireland so many people told me they’d been to America. With further questioning I discovered that about 95% of them traveled to New York City.  And thats it. They flew into NYC and out of NYC. A few people visited other cities such as Boston or even Los Angeles. And one family went to Disney World in Orlando. While I love each of those cities, I’m not confident they accurately represent America as a whole.

There’s truly nothing better than watching the sun set over a corn field in the summer. Or stopping on a dusty backroad for “snoballs” and ice cream!

Love these small backroad stands!

Country Living recently published an article called- 40 American Towns You Haven’t Heard Of, But Should Visit ASAP. Before I read anything else, I knew I’d love it. Off the beaten path small towns are my favorite things to add to my travel bucket list.

I couldn’t believe it when I scrolled through the list and realized we’ve only been to 4 of the 40 small towns! In fact, I hadn’t even heard of many others! While I can only personally recommend Galena, IL; Franklin, TN; Grand Haven, MI; and Boone, NC- if the rest of the towns are like those- you’ll enjoy them all!

To view all 40 towns, click here to visit the Country Living article.

On our last road trip, a small town backroad had us taking a trip down Memory Lane- literally!

What is your favorite small town in America and why?

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