Who wants some snow/ice driving advice from a true southern girl?

Just kidding…I’m only planning to share some information that helped me when I found myself living in Chicago during one of the worst winters on record.

I plan on accomplishing a lot in my life, but the fact that I survived (AND my car survived) the Chicago Winter of 2014 will always remain at the tip top of my “accomplishments list.”

Here are a few things I learned about driving on snow/ice:

  • If possible, don’t do it: Stay home and build an igloo instead (yes, we did!)drivingtips2
  • Don’t brake hard: In fact, avoid braking at all. When possible, coast to a stop.
  • Allow TONS of room to stop: Don’t wait until the last minute to slow down.drivingtips4
  • Drive on main roads, during main parts of the day: The neighborhood roads and back roads will never be as cleared as the main ones. Also, you don’t want to be the first one out in the morning or the last one in at night. Higher volumes of traffic help the roads stay clearer.
  • Go slow: Obviously, reducing your speed will lessen the severity of an accident if you do happen to start sliding. I will openly admit to sliding off the road a time or two in Chicago, but luckily there was nothing in my way and I was going REALLY slow. After picking my heart up off the floorboard, I was able to safely pull back on the road.
  • Turn into a slide: It’s really easy to panic and completely forget this piece of advice…try to avoid over correcting if your car begins to slide.
  • Bridges, parking lots and driveways are notoriously icier: I don’t think bridges need an explanation…but parking lots and driveways can be deceptive- especially if they’ve been cleared. Although they may look fine, unless they dry up completely there may be black ice. drivingtips5


Hopefully you don’t need to do any traveling in wintry weather…but if you do, stay safe!

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