How do souvenirs work in your family? Is it a hard “no” every time your children ask for something? Or do you randomly say “yes” every once in a while? Are there certain things you look for when you’re traveling to collect?

For a while our family was all over the board when it came to answering these questions. We found ourselves returning from a vacation with either nothing, or some random junk. Through trial and error we’ve come up with a few items we enjoy collecting as souvenirs.


We decorated our Christmas tree last week (yes, before Thanksgiving!) And as we unpacked our Christmas ornaments, we also unpacked so many fun vacation memories!

Brent and I love collecting Christmas ornaments as we travel. We don’t feel like they clutter up our house (I’m not a big fan of dusting!) since they are packed away 10 months out of the year. And we love reminiscing as we decorate our tree. Additionally, they’re usually reasonably priced and they don’t take up much room in a suitcase!

On our major vacations we typically bring home 3 souvenirs. The ornament is the family souvenir, and then each of our children get to pick a small item to bring home.

Our daughter, Mary Grace always gravitates towards stuffed animal souvenirs.  She has a ridiculously large collection! I wish we’d started something cooler that she could keep for longer in life, but we didn’t.


So for Miller’s souvenirs we’ve highly encouraged a golf ball collection. He is really into it and we love searching for special golf balls when we travel.


Do you buy souvenirs when you travel?

If so, do you collect a special item or just buy randomly?

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