My daughter is well traveled. She’s been to fabulous places and had wonderful experiences in those places. When she was 5, I planned a trip for our family to St. Louis. A few reasons we picked that destination included: a chance to visit a new state, a halfway(ish) meeting point for some friends we wanted to spend the weekend with, and the ability to get Rams Football tickets for my husband. Not once did I imagine St. Louis would become Mary Grace’s favorite city in the world. And yet, for years she has begged to go back to “St. Lou-eeee.”


Here are my top 5 Reasons Your Kids (and you) will LOVE St. Louis:

  1. Zoo: The St. Louis Zoo is a very beautiful place full of awesome animal habitats. Some of the animals you will find at the St. Louis Zoo include- alligators, tigers, penguins, bears, lions, jaguars, otters, elephants, rhinos, hippos, giraffe…and the list goes on, and on. Did I mention this is a FREE ZOO? Yes, you read that right. Admission is completely free!
  2. City Museum: There really is no way of describing the City Museum in a paragraph. It would take a novel. It’s a truly incredible place- think massive, multilevel playground (for kids and adults) rather than a “museum.” The building is full of incredible architecture, mazes and slides that go everywhere, and all sorts of nooks and crannies to explore. On the roof you will find a gigantic slide, a Ferris wheel, a school bus literally hanging off the side, and countless other fascinating sculptured mazes. It’s truly a place you have to experience!                                                                                                                                 

    Rooftop Slide

  3. Sports: St. Louis is home to 3 professional sports teams- The Cardinals (baseball), The Rams (football) and The Blues (hockey.) It’s pretty much guaranteed that no matter what time of year you visit, there will be some sport to go see. You can also visit the Cardinals Hall of Fame & Museum.
  4. Arch: The Gateway Arch is one of the coolest and most recognizable landmarks! But the best part about it, you can actually experience it. Although it may not look possible, you can take a small elevator up to the top and look out observation windows at the very top. I will say, it’s a memorable experience!

    Getting inside this tiny elevator is not for the faint of heart!

    Awesome view from the top of the arch.

  5. Parks: St. Louis is FULL of awesome parks… Forest Park, the Missouri Botanical GardenCity GardenCarondelet Park…just to name a few! You can definitely find some awesome spots to let the kids run, take in the beautiful scenery and enjoy a picnic.

    This girl loved the elephants best!

St. Louis is truly an amazing city full of fun! Our family spent a wonderful weekend there and we are really looking forward to going back soon!

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What is your favorite thing to do with kids in St. Louis?

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