Two years ago today I officially purchased the domain name Mom With A Map. In honor of my website anniversary, I thought I’d share a little bit about how I started travel blogging.

Disney Cruise Day 1- so excited to be in our happy place!

This picture of my kiddos on our Disney Cruise is truly what started it all.

I snapped this picture not long after boarding the ship. I posted it to social media and promptly turned off my phone for the next 4 days. (As a side note- disconnecting is one of the things we love most about going on Disney Cruises. Read more about that here.) Anyway, after our cruise I turned on my phone and discovered 6 messages from different friends asking specific details about taking a Disney Cruise.

I spent the entire car ride from Cape Canaveral to Orlando- and then an hour or two by the pool in Orlando- responding to the questions.

At one point I said to Brent, “I should just write a blog post with all this information since so many people seem interested in it. It would be a lot easier than responding to everyone one at a time.”

At the time I was referring to my little personal family blog that I’ve been keeping up with since my kids were born. It’s more of a digital baby book and there are no actual followers….but that statement sparked an idea.

I can look back on that initial thought and say to myself- “yes, you should write a blog post (or a thousand!)- but NO it will NOT be easier!”

The idea grew just about as well and quickly as the mums I planted a few weeks ago. (In other words- not well!) I bought a book about starting a “real” blog and after reading it I was certain I knew everything there was to know. Then I spent a few weeks tossing around names. We finally settled on Mom With A Map, bought the domain (and everything like it) and then I let the site sit completely empty for weeks.

It took a while- undoubtedly WAY too long- for me to realize that the website wasn’t going to design itself. I can clearly remember Brent asking me when/how that was going to happen and me responding “I don’t know how to build a website. I just like to write. I wasn’t planning on doing all this computer-y stuff.”

Learning a WHOLE new website format- not my favorite week!

But, it’s happened. Little by little I’ve navigated through the website-building, blog-writing waters. (As a side note, we were able to go live about 4 months after purchasing the domain.) Don’t get me wrong, I spend a lot of time on Google and You Tube trying to figure things out. And, when in doubt, I text the tech guy I hired to help out last summer. But it’s come together. And here we are two years later.

I can honestly say travel blogging is WAY more work than I could have ever imagined.

But, holy cow, I love it! And I could never have predicted how much our kids love being a travel blogging family. They are constantly talking about our future travel and their roles in the “company.”

To date, I think my favorite memory from travel blogging with my kids came during a sponsored event.

Our family was escorted past an incredibly long line and ushered into the event. Someone observed the whole thing and loudly commented about our possible celebrity status. (Which, let me stop right here and laugh!) Anyway, out of nowhere Mary Grace spoke up and said “oh, you might recognize us. We’re Mom With A Map.”

That pretty much sums up how proud the kids are to be a part of this little business!

Our first flight as a family of 4! Hawaii, here we come!

Over the last two years I’ve learned A LOT. I’ve made so many mistakes- which I could write a whole post on!

But we’ve all had a lot of fun.

We’ve worked with so many incredible companies and gone on the most incredible trips. We’ve watched our dreams come true. And we’ve also dreamt up so many more crazy adventures that we’re looking forward to living out.

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings for our travel blogging business!

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