First things first, let me give credit where credit is due. The idea AND title for this particular post came from my husband. It’s the first time  he’s ever given me a “creative” thought about a post topic. So..we’re going with it.

As you may have noticed, Mom With A Map has a whole new layout. If you’re even half as resistant to change as I am, you probably hate it. But, I promise, it will grow on you. After staring at the layout for 5 endless days, I’m warming up to it. You’ve also probably noticed that the site is somewhat under construction. Please bear with me. I’m having to painstakingly go through every single post. Yep, all 486 and counting. I’m checking all the pictures, links, format, etc. and adjusting them to fit the new layout.

Oh, and did I mention EVERYTHING behind the scenes looks different? So I’m pretty much starting back at square one- trying to figure out how to type and publish a post. It’s not at all frustrating. Kidding.

I know this all sounds incredibly impressive. And really, it is. But (try not to be shocked), I’m not doing it alone. Unfortunately I had to fire my first tech guy (Brent…my husband) and hire someone new (Richard.) After 3 conference calls, Richard and I arranged to meet for an intense 3-hour training session on the new design. Richard told me up front that he didn’t think I’d last an hour. Of course I was super insulted and took it as a challenge. I’m proud to report- I made it through the entire 3-hour session. AND it would appear that I retained most of what I learned!

 All of this to reiterate- bear with me. I’m such a perfectionist and the “under construction” feel of the website is driving me crazy. Now would be when I’d normally point out that I’m NOT technical. However, Richard absolutely schooled me on that statement. Apparently, I am technical- I just choose not to be. I’m smart enough and capable enough to figure this whole web design thing out…but I would rather paint my cat’s toenails. Yep, it’s that painful for me to learn technical stuff.

So, just to recap incase you got lost in my rambling story:

Mom With A Map does in fact have a new design/layout. It is definitely a work in progress though. Please excuse any imperfections for now. I value my kids, my pool, my travel and my sleep WAY too much to set everything aside to stare at a computer 24/7. Eventually, though, the website will be perfect. Thanks for bearing with me in the meantime!

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